mercredi 25 mars 2015


Dear all,

I officially declare the first Bullshit projects day OPEN!

Lately, even if I first denied it, I had realized that I was becoming very influential in the blogosphere. My blog has been seen by almost 6 people this month; it is way better than in February, so I’ve decided to mark the occasion.

On the other hand, and as I’m getting older, I started to figure how important it is to make a lasting impression on the hearts of everyone. It is also crucial to leave a mark in history. That’s why I now want to give the young entrepreneurial generation the benefit of my long experience. My goal is to promote knowledge, creativity, and boldness. Sky is the only limit. Per ardua ad astra. It’s raining cats and dogs. To jump out of a frying pan into the fire. Once bitten twice shy.

This competition has been created, imagined, organized, produced, financed and promoted by me. It took a significant amount of time in my planning but I dealt with it. As you can see, I’m an incredibly strong-willed person. My friends are used to call me Barack, or God (either they are atheists or not). The purpose of this competition is to let young candidates share their bright startup idea. The winner takes-all, $18 CASH to make their project happen.  

So I’m very pleased to introduce our first/only candidates: Wendy and Berk. Both are students, enthusiastic huntsmen and zoologists. They also like cooking.

Their idea is inspired by a very strong and basic insight: “My purse is heavy, I want to put it on the ground but the ground is dirty or covered with venomous snakes”. I need a handbag hook but I don’t have any. So their solution is very simple: they invented the first intrauterine handbag hook. It works with the exact same mechanics than an intrauterine contraceptive device, in our case the contraceptive function is an additional option.  I also want to underline that the invention targets equally men and women. Thanks to a very innovative (and patented!) technology, the device can easily be carried by a man. 

The results? A white bag that stays white. No more snake bite while you’re only looking for your lipstick. 

EXCLUSIVE! Berk and Wendy share with us the first prototypes of their game-changing project:

As you can see, they really need your votes to make the dream come true.  Berk has already mortgaged his house for financing the project: help Berk not to become homeless. You can vote by commenting this article or with a tweet (#PurseHookInsideMe). Send your donations to “Berk and Wendy Project”, 27 St Guillaume Street, 75006 Paris.

I will soon announce the winner of the Bullshit projects day, if it doesn’t bore me. I think it will, so rendezvous in another life Bullshit projects day©.

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