vendredi 27 mars 2015

Reviews of "Blippy" and "Audioo"

I love dead people. Maybe I love even more dead startups, especially affluent ones. Blippy died 4 years ago, and nobody talked about, nobody went to the cemetery to offer some last seed money. Not even a bunch of white flowers bought at Target. I don’t understand human beings. They all are so selfish. That’s why my fiancé is a calf, honest and sweet. Also, he has a life expectancy much shorter than any boy, and I appreciate that.

Blippy (RIP) allowed to share all your purchases with the rest of the world, thanks to a technology linking your credit card to your Twitter account. This idea raised $12.9 Million from 11 investors. Unfortunately Blippy is now laying in the ground, being eaten by worms.

I wish I could have shared my last purchases with friends. Sometimes I don’t feel very confident and having a positive feedback from people makes me feel better.

Blippy doesn’t exist anymore so my blog will play its part for today. And really, feel free to give me your opinion.

So, lately, I bought this:


and this outfit:

+ this rocking hot dog:

From my point of view, this poor habit our generation has to share everything on social networks has to disappear, except when the goal is to make fun of other people. Audioo has understood this stake. This startup has designed a website where you can share all the voice mails you received. I’m sure you predictable poor student once thought like “Ooooh, it’s a pity I have to delete this voice mail, it’s sooo funny, omagaaaaaad”. Hey, congrats loser, It is now possible to make it live forever! 

As far as I’m concerned, my voice mails can be divided into two categories:
  1. I just hear somebody puking; I don’t even know who this is.
  2. “What a jerk, she never answers to her phone, I’m sure she’s eating chips watching The Kardashians.. Oh shit, am I on record?”
The rest of my voice mails are related to the Ukraine crisis or tackle with the impact of proportional system on democratic representation. One day I may share the vomit sounds on Audioo, but for now I think the world is not yet ready. 

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  1. Invite-moi chez toi, j'ai très envie d'essayer ton rocking hot dog tout en étant habillé en cheval sado maso!