mercredi 11 mars 2015

Review of “Magical butter”

I ask myself: If I manage to make a body lotion with marijuana, will both my belly and legs be high? Personally, I think they would. I’ve already read things about a startup making lubricant gel with marijuana. I’m nice enough not to write about it in my next articles. In fact my jokes would be too predictable and lewd for you young virgin. I want you to discover life by yourself, and I want you to be happy and proud and brave when your girlfriend will tell you she’s pregnant because of this wonderful night spent with you, the marijuana lub and the roebuck. Be impatient to live this future. 

Now, I'd like to introduce a new friend: Garyn Angel. He’s the founder and CEO of “Magical Butter”. He created a device that is abled to extract cannabinoids from weed botanicals so as to make butter, oil or lotion. Just imagine. You wake up in the morning; you walk in the kitchen and enjoy a delicious toast of marijuana butter. Then, you realize that the weather is nice today! You decide to get a tan in your garden, so you put cannabis oil all over your body to make the sun’s work easier. After a day spent reading Tolstoï in bright sunlight, you’ve got the munchies. First you moisture your delicate skin with cannabis-fragranced body lotion. Good! Let’s now cook a delicious dinner with the rest of cannabis butter. It’s 7 pm and you’re completely stoned without having smoked any pot. As a matter of fact, States don’t need to legalize, they just need to supply cannabis body lotion.

Garyn is the type of person I want to be when I grow up. He’s making great money by doing things barely legal. And he’s a great specialist in his field.
Look how Garyn is trying to turn him from a funny lout into a good guy:

Today’s lesson: using block letters usefully. (“You have to cook MEDICINAL brownies with my machine, OK?!”). 

In one of my courses, we had to develop a start-up project. A clever guy from my team suggested to create© (and we are not talking about museums here.) It would be a social network for exhibitionists and voyeurs, based on a geolocation system. I was so enthusiastic about this idea. To me, it meant two things:

-          It won’t be necessary to hang around the Russian embassy in Paris to find new partners anymore.
-          I have a new startup to review on my blog. It sucks so much, I will be very inspired!

Unfortunately, the two other people in my team were not supporting us (the teacher was fond of our project though). Goodbye Hello-exhib©.

But Garyn Angel is still a master for me today. He’s my wallpaper, too; so as to always keep my life goal in mind. 

God, look at this rectangle on the background, he’s great. He seems to despise us saying “I have so much more swag than you”. He's absolutely right.

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