mercredi 4 mars 2015

Review of "Talkaclock"

Many years ago, Chatroulette was hot stuff. I remember whole afternoons spent speaking to strangers. I met a lovely person once (he didn’t show me his genitals so I considered him lovely). He was from Norway; my age, blond haired and a beautiful smile. His name was full of “j” and “b”, I think it was “IngebjØrg”, “Kjellfrid" or maybe “Paul”. Indeed he was very nice. We had been talking for at least 8 or 9 minutes and then he disappeared forever. After this bitter disillusion, I went through a painful heartache. I didn’t go out for one or two years and I didn’t get any date for a long period of time. I could not think of another man. I miss you IngebjØrg. In fact having two children didn’t relieve my pain; don’t trust people who tell you so. And now I don’t understand why these two ugly brats are running through my living-room. 

Anyway. The purpose of Talkoclock is to give your phone number to a stranger who will call you the morning after. 

“Hey stranger! How’s stock exchange today? Oh, you don’t give a shit? Me neither indeed, so I’ll just jump out of my golden office's window. See yaaaaa”

I assume that’s a great idea, especially if this startup is willing to expand into the Norwegian market.  But unfortunately, not everyone has the same opinion. Talkoclock won an off-the-record award at startups’ awarding ceremony TechCrunch Disrupt: the most useless startup of the year. I strongly disagree and I’m waiting for the call of this young man:

Hey, I just met you. And this is crazy! But here's my number: so call me Davy.
Oh god, did I forget to mention something?

Yes. Talkoclock is dead until further notice. I may interpret their message as:
“Hey you! Our silly joke seems to be over, we don’t have money anymore and our parents forced us to leave the house. Furthermore, everybody is slowly realizing that our startup does not make any sense. So we are all moving to Texas to raise roebucks. See yaaaaa”

In short: “too shitty to survive” (also the name of my next book).
Talkaclock doesn't exist anymore. I'm happy to avoid her phonecall.

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